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Difference between travel and student travel insurance

You might have great plans to execute the journey in the best possible way. The travel insurance will cover the trip cancellation expenses as well. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you might want to cancel the trip and the loss is covered by the travel insurance. The other factors which are covered by the travel insurance include loss of baggage, and missing the flight. The travel insurance can be bought by an individual, family or a group. It is different from the Student travel insurance.

Features of student travel insurance plan 

As a student in a new country, you will go through great excitement. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills, specialized education and you will explore new places. There are many differences in food, climate, and culture. The Student Travel Insurance will help you overcome many challenges. A comprehensive insurance plan is a great companion to overcome various kinds of travel-related issues. 

Student travel insurance supports and covers students when they go abroad 
Offers emergency medical assistance 
Loss of passport 
Compensation for loss of baggage or baggage delay
Covers medical expenses including the cost of evacuation/repatriation 
Emergency dental treatment 
Tuition fee payment (if the study is interrupted due to hospitalization)
Reimbursement of tuition fee (if the student is compelled to discontinue studies due to illness or death of family member)
Sponsoring of tickets 
Stay with one family member when the student requires hospitalization for more than 7 days. 
If the sponsor dies in the middle of the course, the remaining tuition fee will be paid by the insurance company 

Features of travel insurance 

A Travel Insurance plan will cover the following risks: 

Medical expenses (including the cost of evacuation and repatriation)
Emergency dental treatment 
Trip cancellation or interruption 
Loss of baggage and personal belongings 
Flight insurance 
Accidental death and dismemberment 
Collision damage waiver 
Cancellation of trip due to weather conditions or travel advisory 
Sports coverage
Hotline assistance on 24/7 basis


Focus on the study – The student travel insurance will focus on all issues that will affect the student’s health, study and travel. Various factors are addressed in the insurance policy so that the student will be able to continue his studies without any issues. On the other hand, the travel insurance is concerned about the safe journey, accommodation and activities that are part of the journey. The travel insurance will deal with personal or official trip. 

Single or multi-trip – The travel insurance is offered as a single or multi-trip cover. If you are planning more than one destination, you can include all the destinations in the travel insurance plan. On the other hand, you can extend the travel plan beyond 30 days as per your needs. The student insurance will cover issues that are present in the homeland as well as abroad. The issues that interrupt the studies of the student will also be covered by the plan. The duration of the student travel insurance can be up to 2 years. 

Medical test – There is no requirement of medical tests before issuing travel insurance. If you are flying to some countries, you will want to go through the recommended medical tests and vaccinations. The pre-existing conditions are not covered by either travel insurance or student travel insurance. You can include pre-existing conditions by opting for an additional premium. 

Tips to buy the travel insurance 

The travel insurance should cover the trip expenses. 
You should understand the coverage and limits so that there will not be any confusion at a later stage. 
Costly items such as jewelry and laptops can be covered by going for additional riders 
The claim filing procedure should be simple and you should have access to the toll-free number 

Tips to buy the student travel insurance 

The insurance plan should cover the break in studies due to various reasons including the death of sponsor, death of close family member 
It should cover the personal liabilities. The loss of expensive items will be recovered with the insurance premium 
When you fall sick, you should have access to medical treatment. The insurance company should help you file the claim very easily so that you will get financial assistance to continue your studies without any issues. 


Travel insurance deals with all the travel-related issues. If you are travelling aboard as a student to study a course, you will want to buy a student travel insurance as it will cover all kinds of risks associated with your studies. A leisure or business traveler should buy travel insurance to cover unwanted surprises during the trip. There will be great peace of mind when your risks are covered by a proper insurance plan.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

All You Need To Know About Travel Insurance Claims?

Before buying a travel insurance plan, you should be aware of the risk factors that are covered by the plan and the risk factors that are not covered by the plan. It is very much important to disclose the necessary information with the insurance company so that you will derive maximum benefits. Your Travel Insurance Claim will not be affected when you share the correct information. 

Risk factors covered by the insurance plan 

There are various kinds of travel insurance policies offered by different insurance companies. Most of the insurance companies cover the following risk factors:

Flight delays – If there is flight delay for more than 24 hours, compensation will be paid by the insurance company. 

Flight cancellation/curtailment – The financial risk associated with the trip cancellation or curtailment will be borne by Student Travel Insurance Plans. There are various reasons to cancel the trip. You might want to cancel the trip due to sickness, accident, and other reasons. When you the interrupt the trip, you will incur additional expenses in returning home. If you or your companion will go through the unfortunate event, you might want to wind off the trip. If a close relative at home dies or becomes sick, you might want to cancel the trip. If the trip cancellation takes place, it should be supported by the cancellation claim from a qualified doctor. 

Loss/stolen baggage – if the baggage is lost permanently, the cost involved in purchasing new items will be paid by the insurance company. If there is delay in obtaining the checked-in baggage, the cost involved in buying the essential items is covered by the insurance plan. 

Personal liability – The damage of property, body injury and third party death will be covered by the insurance plan. 

Medical expenses – If the travel insurance includes the medical clause, the insurance plan will bear the hospitalization cost. The emergency treatment will be provided based on the insurance plan. Illness during travelling and accidents on roads will be covered by the travel insurance plan. 

Repatriation – If there is death of the policyholder, the cost involved in transporting the mortal remains will be covered by the insurance company. 

Rental car collision – If you are travelling in a rental car and met with an accident, the rental collision insurance rider will pay for the damage from the proceeds of the insurance policy. 

Hijack allowance – If your plane is hijacked, you will get daily allowance. The condition will be applied if the hijack takes place beyond a specific period of time. 

Exclusions from the travel insurance policy

You should be aware of the exclusions of the travel insurance policy. 

Pre-existing medical conditions – Some travel insurance companies do not cover the pre-existing medical conditions. Hence, you should double-check your policy to manage minimum coverage with pre-existing health conditions. 

Under the influence of drugs – If you are found to be under the influence of drugs, the Travel Insurance Claim cannot be applied. 

Extreme sports – If you are participating in adventure sports such as sky-diving and bungee-jumping, the travel insurance will not be applied. You should ensure that those acts are covered by the insurance plan from the insurance company. 

Travel advisory – If you travel to locations against the travel advisory issued by the government, the insurance plan will be inapplicable. 

How to claim the travel insurance plan?

If you go through a situation that demands payment from the insurance company, you should inform the insurance company at the earliest. 

You should have access to domestic as well as international toll-free numbers of the insurance carrier. 

You should provide the documentary evidence to the insurance company. Some of the documents which can be submitted in this direction include the FIR, medical report, police reports and other expenses incurred by you. 

You should provide the doctor’s certificate if you fail to travel as per the plan. 

If you lose baggage or personal documents, you should file FIR. You should submit a copy of FIR and a photocopy of the passport to the insurance company along with the claims form. 

The loss of cash or traveler cheque should be reported along-with the FIR, photocopies and originals to the insurance company so that your claim will be entertained by the insurance company. 

Flight delays are very common with most airlines around the globe. Even though it is not a deliberate attempt by the carrier, you can cover the risk by filing the appropriate documents by citing the reasons thereof to the insurance company. 


Student Travel Insurance Plans are designed to take care of the needs of students while travelling to new places. The inconveniences and financial emergencies are covered by the insurance plan so that you can make the most of your trip! You should be aware of the procedure to file the Travel Insurance Claim!

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

10 Key India Travel Tips to empower First-Time Travellers

India is believed to be one of the most exotic destinations. It is far beyond the historical monuments, beaches and the last but not the least the other tourist spots that we generally look out for. 

So whether you are travelling to India for a shorter period of time or for longer period of time, given below are the 10 things you would need to have in mind when it comes to traveling about in India. 

Making a checklist of all the essential documents: Before travelling one must always make sure that, they have all the necessary documents along with them. This can include the passport, the visa, the travel insurance, vaccination certificate whenever and where ever applicable and more. 

Don't over pack: While travelling always make sure that you take less number of clothes and go. There will be many other things for you to buy when you are in a new place. Also don't pack unnecessary medicines and knick knacks unless and until you are going to some remote village. You will get everything that you require over there. 

Dressing accordingly: India is generally believed to be quiet conservative when it comes to dressing and especially for women. This country is never open to open shoulders and shorts unless and until you are on a beach or in South Mumbai. So do make sure that you have clothes that are atleast till the knee length and have your shoulders covered. 

Informing yourself about the temples: It is mandatory that you take off your shoes before you enter the temples. There are some temples that don't allow the non-Hindu, where as some are only for men or some will have their own rules and regulations. 

Getting ready for some questions and stares: Indians generally pay more attention to the foreigners. You might even spot many of them staring at you. Some might even take pictures with you. But they don’t have an idea that doing this makes you feel uncomfortable. And incase you have a conversation with some local people, they might ask many questions and you might not even feel comfortable sharing things right away, e.g. social status, surname, relationships, faith, family and so on. Remember they don’t mean to offend you, it’s just that they are just interested to know you better.

Planning things before: If you are not coming with a predefined plan, then try and make all the arrangements 3 weeks before the trip. While travelling to India it's always advisable that you book tickets, at least two weeks in advance on regular days and 1 month before Diwali. Remember there are several other people who are looking for the same thing like you, so make sure that you are fast enough in getting some good deals. 

Being flexible about the plans and expectations: While travelling it is very important that you accept cultural specifics in India as things happen here which generally never do in other countries. You will know that a yes will not always mean a yes, and a no will not always mean a now. And in order to save yourself from frustration about the delays and cancellation, you need to make sure that you also have a plan B in hand. 

Learning to bargain: Each and every one of us do it, so make sure that you don't turn out to be an exception. Pricing is generally considered to be high when it comes to the foreigners, as there is a misconception among the sellers in India that the tourists are very rich. Do not bargain with artists and the farmers, as they hardly earn some amount of money and are very humble. 

Visiting your doctor to make sure you are ready to travel: As mentioned in the very first point, it is very necessary that you have your vaccination certificate before travelling. 

Do not carry too much of cash: In order to avoid any kind of theft and being safe, it is very important that you do not carry to much cash with yourself. And this does not apply when you are travelling through some local transport, but in general. Also make sure that you do not carry much cash in your handbags, as most destinations do have ATM around so that you can withdraw some amount of money whenever required. 

 Best Travel Insurance Plans in India

Travel insurance is something that can be taken both for international and domestic travel. It is something that can be brought for a single or multiple trips. 

Apollo Munich Easy travel insurance: This is a policy that is generally meant for overseas travellers, along with an option of getting cash from the insurer in case of any emergency. 

The best features are:

1. The policy covers almost everything and especially covers travel risks like trip delay and cancellation, trip termination etc. 
2. It also provides the policy holders medical treatment including emergency dental treatment which is very expensive in abroad.
3. Quick claim handling
4. 24/7 customer service

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. – This general insurance company is generally believed to be a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE, that is a life insurance global giant.

Their best features are: 

1. In 2015, the company had bagged the award not just for Best General Insurance Company but even for the Insurer Claims Team of the Year and the Silicon Valley Business Award. 
2. It has an array of various travel insurance plans for you to take your pick from. These plans include Travel Asia Plan, Travel Companion Plan, Travel Assist Plan, Swades Yatra Plan and Travel Elite Plan.
3. Claim assistance online
4. Efficient customer service

Max Bupa International medical emergency plan: Max Bupa overseas travel insurance plans give travellers complete peace of mind.

Some of the best features are:

1. It provides its customers medical support around the world.
2. This is a plan that covers all types of insurance while you are travelling say for example study, leisure and business travel.
3. An emergency service for 24 hours is prolonged to all the travel policy holder, followed by the choice of network hospitals in order to settle down the claims.
4. This international medical emergency policy covers medical evacuation expenses as well.

Overseas Insurance Mediclaim (Business and Holiday): This is a widely trusted Travel Insurance policy favoured by the masses because of its excellent claim handling policy.

1. This is a policy that indemnifies an individual from travelling overseas either for corporate purpose or for holidays in the event of illness, disease contracted or injury persistent during overseas travel. 
2. Baggage is also considered to be a part of this policy.
3. Excellent claim handling
4. 24 hour customer service


Travel Insurance is a must for all travellers, because when you are abroad there is no one who can help you there better than your travel Insurance plan. 

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Recent Events Reiterate Importance of Availing Travel Insurance

Whenever we are heading out on a holiday or for business, we often overlook the many benefits we can get when we buy Travel Insurance Online. At times we do not fully understand the many features and advantages that a good travel Insurance Policy offers. From helping us at times of medical emergencies to taking care of our expenses when our baggage is lost or delayed. A good insurance policy takes care of all these problems and much more. However, before you get all excited and quickly select any random Travel Insurance Policy, read on and know the various features that a good Travel Insurance Policy should have. 

For starters, any good Travel Insurance Plan should cover you from delayed baggage, lost travel documents, missed trips, delayed trips and even cancelled journeys. The best travel insurance policies also protect you from the dangers of terrorist attacks. Here is a detailed account of the features:

Insurance Cover for Accidents and Medical Emergencies:

Meeting with an accident or encountering any unforeseen medical emergency, especially in a foreign country can prove to be a very expensive affair. Moreover, the foreign currency limits that you will be bound by as a tourist or business traveller only add to the complications. This is where have a good Travel Insurance Plan can prove to be a blessing. The policy takes care of all the expenses, hospitalization fees and even ambulance charges while you are abroad.

Evacuation Cover:

Things can become quite complicated and worrying when you encounter any unfortunate event while travelling in a foreign country. This evacuation maybe because of any medical emergencies, terror threats or any other such unfortunate circumstance. All the expenses in case of such an evacuation are taken care of by your Travel Insurance Partner.

Trip Cancellation or Delay

There are times when you may need to delay or cancel your trip due to any unfortunate circumstance. The reasons for the same can be anything ranging from climatic conditions, a change in the political scenario of your destination country, personal problems, medical problems for you or your family, etc. now if your travel bookings are done, cancellations can prove to be very costly. For instance, you had planned to travel to a Nepal tomorrow and you get the news that it has been affected by a massive earthquake. In such cases, you can get some respite if you are covered by a Travel Insurance Plan for it will partly reimburse the cancellation charges.

Delay or Loss of Baggage

Imagine arriving at the airport of your dream destination and waiting in the line for baggage only to realize that your baggage is either delayed or actually lost by the airlines or the airport officials. While not much cannot be done in terms of handling the disappointment, you can be a bit relaxed when it comes to shopping for clothes and other essentials as your Travel Insurance Plan shall take care of the same. While recovering your baggage may take from a few hours to even many days, the insurance company shall reimburse all the shopping expenses. Just ensure that you have all the payment receipts and bills in place. 

Loss of Passport and Travel Documents:

The last thing you want in a foreign destination is to lose your passport. It can certainly be a very big problem, a nightmare of sorts. Should you be faced by such an unfortunate event, the first thing you will need to do is inform the local police, register a complaint and contact the Indian Embassy for reissue of your passport. The police complaint needs to be done as soon as possible; best within 24 hours.  The Travel Insurance Policy shall reimburse your expenses incurred for the reissue of your passport.

Loss of Cash and Credit/Debit Cards:

If you have been robbed or have your wallet and cash lost or stolen, having a good travel insurance can prove helpful. The policy shall provide you spending money and also take care of the expenses for the issuing of duplicate bank cards. Now that is something that can really be a lifesaver in a foreign land as you may not know anyone here who can help.

In recent times, many popular travel destinations have unfortunately been plagued by a series of unfortunate events ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks and other such events. While we all take precautions, one can never truly expect or imagine what may go wrong while they are enjoying a peaceful vacation. This is where having a travel insurance can prove to be really worth the extra expense as it shields you from a lot of problems and worrying issues. Just ensure that you study and compare insurance policies online and select the one that best suits your needs.

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9 Ways to Make Travel More Meaningful

Your domestic or foreign travel can be made more meaningful by covering various kinds of risks with the best travel insurance policy. There are various reasons to plan for a short-term or long-term holiday.  The holiday is a great means of refreshment. You will be free from the regular chores of home and office. You can escape from the harsh climatic conditions to cold or hot places. Children, as well as adults, will collect most memorable moments in their life by spending outdoors. There are Best Travel Insurance Plans to enhance your travel experience. 

1. Explore the world 

You can make a difference in your life by choosing the best travel itinerary. Food, travel, accommodation, activities and sightseeing can be planned in advance to make it completely unique. Beyond volunteering and internship, there are many ways to travel around the world. To protect your travel and health interests as a student, you should not hesitate to go for best Student Travel Insurance Policy. 

2. Learn new culture 

If you can interact with new people, you should learn few phrases that are used in everyday life. You should be aware of the local hangouts so that you can learn many things from the local people. There are many places in the world where English is the second language. Hence, you should exercise a great deal of restraint to complete your journey successfully. 

3. Explore the nature 

It is possible to connect with nature and wildlife so that there will be a great relief from the stress. You can find new beaches, natural vegetation, landscapes and wild animals that are not found in your country or place of living. There are places where you can interact with dolphins and other species. You can plan to visit UNESCO world heritage sites as well. 

4. Global volunteer 

It is better than to give than to receive. As a volunteer, you can share your experience, skill and various useful attributes to needy people located throughout the world. You can contact with organizations like ‘Global Volunteers’ and ‘Projects Abroad’ to contribute to the society.  You can choose a project and involve in it as per the availability of time and money. 

5. Learn new skill

You will learn new things which are not discussed in your textbooks, classrooms or workplace through travel. It is possible to focus your mind on learning a new dish, art or dance. If your visit has chances for fishing, you can make the most of it. 

6. Support local businessmen

It is possible to stay at star-rated hotels on your foreign trip. However, you can plan your food and accommodation owned by local people so that you can support their small businesses. 

7. Relaxation 

The holiday trip should help you refresh physically, mentally and spiritually. Hence, you should take time to meditate by spending time in quiet locations. You can also go for spa facilities offered in serene locations so that there will be great relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. 

8. Take unplugged trip 

As you plunge into the unplugged trip, it will help you realize your true potential and productivity in your life. You can plan your unplugged trip 3 days to one week as per your convenience. As Wi-Fi is not the oxygen, you can experience the world in a better way and the experiences might reboot your life!

9. Travel solo 

If you really need break from everyone, you should plan a solo trip. If you travel alone, there will be sufficient time to work alone and you can spend time on things that are you are very much interested. You can explore various things at your own pace. 

Purpose of travel insurance policy 

Whether you are planning your trip alone or with family (or group) you should not undermine the importance of travel insurance plan. There is no reason to believe that your itinerary will be completed with picture-perfect precision. All the odds at various stages of travel will be covered by the insurance policy. 

From the loss of passport to the hospitalization, medical emergency to trip cancellation, all kinds of risks at home as well as the foreign country are covered by the insurance policy. If you go for a group policy, you can enjoy a discount to the extent of 10%. 

The insurance company will give you protection against the expensive medical treatment in abroad. There are various add-on riders which can be included in the insurance policy to make the most of the policy. Students can cover their stay, health, and accommodation with the best travel insurance policy. 


There are various reasons to travel. You should want to have great fun and excitement on your holiday. Your itinerary will not be disturbed when you subscribe best travel insurance plans as per your needs. You should go through the comparative analysis of best travel insurance plans so that you will settle for the best plan without any issues!

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