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Do and Don'ts Related to Domestic Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies will cover the travel-related risks in a very efficient manner. Before subscribing a travel health insurance plan, you should go through the details and you should subscribe to the best plan that will take care of all possible risks.  A travel insurance plan is necessary to undertake domestic travel as well. You might want to visit your family or attend a wedding party or on a vacation. The risks associated with each trip will be different and you should an appropriate plan to minimize the damages. 

The necessity of travel insurance 

You should buy a travel insurance to cover domestic as well as international travel needs.

If your baggage is misplaced, it will take time to search for the bag. In some instances, you cannot trace the baggage. The insurance company will come to your rescue by paying the compensation so that you will continue the trip without financial struggle.

If you miss your connect flight because of the delay of the previous flight, you will not reach your destination as per the schedule. It will impact your hotel check-in time and you will incur additional expense as well. 

 In some cases, you will want to postpone the trip due to the sudden sickness or accident with the involvement of your family friend. 

There are various factors that will have an impact on your trip and you should go for the best travel insurance plan as per your needs. 


Coverage – You should buy Best Domestic Travel Insurance Policies that offer sufficient coverage. The insurance policy should not be purchased as an obligation. It should fulfill the requirement without fail. 

Research – You should spend time and effort to settle for the best travel insurance policy as per your needs. If you do not have time, you can visit the insurance aggregator’s website and compare various policies offered by reputed companies. 

Assess your requirements – The travel insurance requirements as per the location and your lifestyle should be assessed. You should buy a matching insurance policy from a reputed company. 

Claim settlement ratio – The insurance company that you select should manage the high claim settlement ratio. The policy servicing is an important factor. You can go through the database provided by the IRDA to figure out the best insurance company in terms of claim settlement ratio. 

Customer support – The support offered by the insurance company will make a great difference. The insurance company should provide the toll-free number and email address so that you can reach them very easily. 

Network – The insurance company should maintain a network of hospitals so that you will get treatment in a network hospital for a quick and prompt service. 

Read the policy document – The policy document contains important terms and conditions. You should read the document very carefully so that there will not be unpleasant surprises while claiming the policy. 


Unnecessary expense – You should not assume that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. The travel insurance will cover various risks like flight delay, flight cancellation, trip cancellation, loss of baggage, and medical emergency. Hence, you should be insured as soon as the travel itinerary is prepared. 

Do not opt for a plan with lesser premium – If there is a marginal difference between two insurance plans, you should not settle for a plan with lesser premium. The few hundred additional bucks you pay towards the insurance policy will reward you in thousands of dollars so that there will be great satisfaction. 

Non-disclosure of information – The information about your journey, health and various activities that you undertake during the journey should be disclosed to the insurance company. The underwriter of the insurance company will assess the risk potential of the applicant and the risk will be covered by offering the most appropriate premium. Your claim will not be rejected when you disclose the necessary information. 

Don’t postpone the purchase of policy – You should not postpone the purchase of travel insurance plan until the last minute. You may fail to buy the most appropriate cover that can fulfill your needs. You should not rely on the advice of the insurance advisor completely. By doing your homework, you will buy the right policy at right time. 

Features of the best travel insurance plan 

The following features should be present in your domestic travel insurance plan so that you can complete your trip with absolute peace of mind:

Loss of baggage – The loss of baggage and travel documents should not interrupt your trip. You should be able to manage them at the earliest. If you insure the items by mentioning in the insurance proposal form, your requirements will be fulfilled in the best possible way. 

Flight cancellation – You will play your holiday in a very efficient way and will follow the schedule. However, the trip might be interrupted due to various internal and external factors. The flight cancellation will lead to great loss of time and money. The travel insurance company will cover the risk by offering accommodation or alternate travel arrangements so that you will follow the pre-planned schedule without fail. 

Rented car – If you use a rented car during the trip, the loss or damage associated with the car will be borne by the insurance company. Even though the rented car will have their own insurance policy, you will be covered by a comprehensive insurance plan so that your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner. 

Medical emergency – If you do not have a health insurance plan, you should buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers emergency hospitalization. The cover will include dental expenses as well. 


By choosing Best Domestic Travel Insurance Policies, there will not be a loss of your baggage. The flight cancellation, rental car issues, and additional activities will be borne by the travel insurance company in the best possible way. You can compare the best plans offered by reputed companies and should settle for the most appropriate plan as per your needs. 

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