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Plan Your Next Trip and Save Smartly

To save money on your next trip, you should prepare your budget and plan the trip as per your budget. You should set a goal amount so that the money can be saved to reach the goal. By adding few extra bucks, you will have sufficient amount to undertake your plan. Your travel plan should include a subscription to a comprehensive insurance plan. Various risks associated with the trip can be overcome in the best possible way with the help of travel insurance plan. 

Best measures to save time and money 

The following tips will help you save time and money: 

Coupons and discounts – You can use travel coupons and special deals on various routes. The coupon websites will present coupons to get a special discount so that you can make the most of your money. 

Travel off-season – Instead of traveling during the peak season, you can plan your travel during the off-season. The dates and destination should be planned very carefully. You will have a great time at the destination as there will be sufficient freedom of movement. During the off-season, the prices will be cheaper. 

Hotel deals – You can save money by booking your accommodation through online. As you go through the reviews and ratings offered by customers, you can figure out the right hotel as per your budget and comfort level. 

Vacation rental sites – The vacation rental sites will help you find right hotels, resorts and other amenities. By using the discount coupons posted on the site, you can enjoy additional benefits such as a discount on the fare, boarding and lodging facilities. 

Insure your trip – It is very much important to insure your trip so that you can make the most of your investment. Overseas travel involves various risk factors. The luggage, health, transport and sightseeing facilities, accommodation and other aspects should be covered as per your needs. 

You should insure your Overseas Travel Insurance Plans as soon as the itinerary is prepared or after making the first payment towards the trip. 

How to buy overseas travel insurance plan?

The insurance application should contain complete information as is available in the passport. In addition to the name, age, date of birth, mobile number, address, passport number and ticket details, you should provide information about the beneficiary as well. Before buying a policy, you should be aware of the cancellation procedure and travel exclusions as well. 

Types of plans – There are different kinds of plans. Individual, family and group policies can be subscribed as per the number of persons. There are travel policies to cover the needs of student and businessman. Hence, the most appropriate plan should be chosen as per the features of the insurance plan. 

Insurance aggregators – You can explore a number of options by going through the insurance aggregator’s website. The website will present various plans that meet the criteria selected by you. The travel insurance policy can be opted as per the budget, ‘sum assured’ and risk factors. You should subscribe a comprehensive policy so that there will be absolute peace of mind. 

An individual travel insurance plan 

The medical expenses and hospitalization in a foreign country are very expensive. By buying a travel insurance plan, you can overcome the contingency at a fraction of the cost. 


Covers hospitalization 
Loss of baggage
Quick disbursement of claims 
Best policy to meet the needs of Indians 
International toll-free numbers 
Personal accident 
Loss of passport
Personal liability 
Trip delay 
Emergency cash advance 

A family travel insurance plan 

The family travel insurance plan will cover the entire family. A family plan is available for two adults (less than 60 years) and two children (less than 21 years). 


Cheaper than an individual policy 
Covers all standard and unforeseen circumstances
Flight or train cancellation 
Hotel booking cancellation 
Package tour cancellation 
Hospitalization expenses 
Bad weather 
Loss of passport, credit card, luggage and others 

Senior citizen insurance plan

Elderly travelers who are above 70 years can go for senior citizen travel insurance plans. Even though the premium for senior citizen insurance plan is high, it will cover the risk in a very efficient manner. Hence, you should not hesitate in purchasing the insurance plan. 

A senior citizen travel insurance policy can be customized to meet his/her requirements. The policy will meet the statutory requirements of the visiting country as well. 

Before buying a plan, you should be aware of the exclusions and medical tests that are mandatory to be covered by the policy. 


Covers pre-existing ailments 
Intensive care treatment 
Ambulance services 
Loss of baggage 
Surgical care 
Flight delay/flight cancellation 

Student insurance plan

A student will face a number of unanticipated risks during the study period in a foreign country. Universities, as well as governments, stipulate the possession of a comprehensive insurance policy. Some universities will insist upon the insurance policy as per their terms and conditions. Hence, students should be aware of their own needs as well the requirements of the foreign institution before applying for the insurance plan. 


Study interruption
Repatriation of remains 
Emergency medical evacuation 
Personal accident cover 
Mental and nervous disorders 
Sponsor protection 
Accident medical expenses 
Maternity benefits by the termination of pregnancy 
Home burglary cover 
Loss of baggage/passport 
Bail bonds and tuition fee
Dental pain relief 
Trip cancellation/curtailment 

Student travel insurance policies are offered by various reputed insurance companies in India. Some of the popular companies are TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance General Insurance Company, and HDFC Ergo. 

There are many options for Indians in choosing the Overseas Travel Insurance Plans. You can buy an online policy at best price and the policy can be customized as per your needs. The little premium that you for the policy will cover major risk and there will comprehensive coverage of risk. You are advised to compare various policies to settle for the best!

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