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Going Over Seas With Your Friends? Here is Why Buying Travel Insurance is Necessary

If you are visiting a foreign country as a group, you can purchase a group travel insurance policy. The group travel insurance policy is affordable and it can be customized as per your needs. Various kinds of risks during the journey such as loss of baggage, hospitalization and personal liability can be overcome by subscribing to a comprehensive travel insurance policy. A travel insurance policy will combine the benefits of the travel insurance plus medical insurance. Even though you possess a health insurance plan, you should subscribe to a comprehensive travel insurance plan to make the most of your investment. 

Benefits of travel insurance plan 

A group travel insurance plan can be subscribed from the comforts of your home or office.  You can Compare Overseas Travel Insurance Online and the best policy that fulfills your needs can be subscribed very easily. 

Emergency travel benefits – The emergency medical conveyance and travel costs for medical repatriation will be offered by the travel insurance company. 

Emergency medical costs – The expenses that are incurred due health issues while traveling will be borne by the insurance company. You should go through the terms and conditions of the policy to understand all the features under the policy. 

Medical deportation – The medical deportation facility will be offered by the insurance company. The medical deportation costs are very high. Hence, you should buy a policy to cover the risk. By paying few hundred rupees in Indian currency, you will get benefit in thousands of dollars. 

Loss of key documents – You should carry your passport while traveling to a foreign country. If you lose or misplace your passport, a new passport will be arranged by the insurance company. As soon as you realize the loss, the information should be brought to the notice of the insurance company. 

Cancellation of the trip – The trip might be canceled due to various reasons. The health issues or destination-related issues will affect your journey. If the trip is canceled, you will want to lose money on various fronts. The loss will be minimized or made zero with the help of a comprehensive travel insurance policy. 

Hijack disaster – The hijack disaster can be covered by the travel insurance policy. The premium for covering the hijack risk will be based on the risk potential. The insurance company will pay compensation for every 6 hours of loss.

Trip interruption – The trip will be interrupted due to various reasons which are beyond your control. The travel insurance company is liable to pay accommodation charges or travel compensation as per the case. 


You should be aware of exclusions in a travel insurance plan. If the trip is canceled by the tour operator, the cancellation is not covered by the insurance company. However, you can strike a special deal with the insurance company to include the trip cancellation by the tour operator in which case, you will get the compensation. 

Pre-existing health issues – The pre-existing health issues are not covered by the insurance company. If you are suffering from health issues, you should get medical advice and get fitness certificate from the doctor before the commencement of the journey. 

Sports injuries – If you participate in adventure sports, the loss or damage occurred due to injuries will not be covered by the travel insurance policy. 

Mental disorders – The mental illnesses are not covered by the travel insurance plan. If there is self-inflicting injury such as suicide, it will not be covered by the insurance plan. 

HDFC Ergo Group Travel Insurance Plan 

Every organization will offer a group travel insurance plan to cover the needs of employees. The group policy can be customized as per your needs. 


Covers international travelers 
Frequent travelers can opt for multi-trip travel 
Assistance provider services
Contingency travel benefit 
Emergency travel 

Frequent flyer interruption – Under the frequent flyer interruption, users will have access to emergency travel, contingency benefit and assistant provider services. 

Optional benefits – The optional benefits offered by the travel insurance policy include emergency medical expenses, emergency travel benefits, baggage delay, baggage loss, hijacking, flight delay, trip cancellation and trip interruption. 

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company 

Covers medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation 
Emergency dental plan 
Loss of baggage 
Loss of travel documents 
Personal liability 
Trip delay 

Bajaj Allianz offers various kinds of group insurance policies to fulfill the needs of all kinds of customers. The corporate plans are ideal to accommodate several employees in a single policy. The premium will be low and the benefits will be many. The policy can be bought online after customizing it as per your needs. 

Reliance group insurance 

The travel insurance plan covers the following risks: 

Trip cancellation 
Flight delays 
Loss of luggage 
Loss of passport 
Emergency medical expenses 
Special distress allowance 

The policy can be customized as per your needs. The policy comes with the free international debit card. Some of the convenient features include cashless hospitalization, no medical check-ups, and expenses towards the emergency evacuation to India will be covered by the policy. 

Selection of overseas group travel insurance policy 

The group travel insurance policy should offer 100% trip cancellation coverage. You should get clarification about the percentage of cancellation coverage if the insurance company fails to offer 100% trip cancellation coverage. 

The trip interruption coverage will be up to 150% by some travel insurance companies. You should be aware of the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company before ordering a policy online.

You should get quotes from three or more insurance companies. After comparing the features, insurance premium, claim settlement ratio and customer support offered by various travel insurance companies, you can settle for the best policy as per your needs. 


A group travel insurance company is a convenient option to maximize savings and it will cover various risks in a very efficient manner. You can buy a group policy online. 

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