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12 Amazing destinations to be explored before commercialization hits them

There are many places in our country that deserve far better attention than what they are getting from tourism enthusiasts. However, the advantage you get as a tourist when you get to such places is that they are still not so polluted and you will find a natural ambience in that surrounding areas. There is a certain beauty attached to rustic and raw places where commercial activities are down to a bare minimum. In such places, you may not be able to find luxurious accommodation or the best transport arrangements, but you will definitely get to enjoy the best vacation with friends and family members. Normally, many people do not find it comfortable to visit crowded tourist places as it reminds them of the busy urban life. When your intention is to get away from the busy lifestyle of the city, you should always prefer such calm tourist destinations that are slightly away from commercial activities. In this way, you can get to enjoy your holidays in a private manner without much disturbance from other people. In this article, we will guide you to some of the amazing destinations that you should check out on your next vacation.

Bhimbetka Caves

The amazing rock shelters dates back to pre-historic times and you can see some wonderful paintings in these caves.
This is probably your best place to see the thousand years old art on the black boulders of the caves.
It was discovered during 1957 and you will be thrilled to enjoy your vacation in this place that is surrounded by lots of green vegetation.
If you are traveling with your family and friends, be smart and add a travel insurance to your tour plan so that you can enjoy your vacation without any hassles.

Ananthapura Lake Temple

This is the only lake temple of Kerala and you can easily reach this place from Kasargod.
The temple is believed to be the origin place of Anantapadmanabha Swamy and you can find a crocodile in this lake that is only fed with white rice.
This is probably the only place where you get to see a vegetarian crocodile that is regarded as the guardian of the temple.

Kaas Plateau

This is an amazing place in Maharashtra that has a rich variety of flowers and you will be surprised to see hundreds of acres of flowers.
Make sure you visit the place in the best season after monsoon to see the flowers in their full glory.
The flowers can be seen for many kilometers and it has hundreds of species of flowers.
The region is also one of the Unesco World Natural Heritage Sites in our country.
Plan your tour to such places appropriately and always get a travel insurance to keep you secured during your tour.

Mawlynnong Village

This is known as the cleanest village in Asia and you can see bamboo dustbins all over the place.
Even the local residents work hard to maintain the village in this manner and plastic is completely prohibited in this region.
Talk of women empowerment and this village tops in execution of such ideas. The children get to carry the surname of the mother and even the property stays with the women of the family and gets passed from mother to the daughter in the family.

Nohkalikai Falls

Even though small in size, this has its own charm as it happens to be the tallest waterfall of our country.
It falls from a height of more than 1000 feet and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.
It is very close to Chirapunji and you can get to see the waterfalls in full glory after the rainy season.
Be prepared to experience rainfall even in summer and winter season once in a while in this place.

Ganapatiphule Beach

The Ganapati idol that dates back to 1600 years is the big attraction of this place.
It is said to be a monolith and the idol faces west unlike other temples of our country.
It is a white sand beach and you can easily reach the place from Mumbai within few hours.
Make sure that you get a travel insurance plan for yourself and your family when you want to enjoy your time comfortably on such tours.

Phuktal Monastery

It is also popular as a cave monastery of Ladakh and built in a natural cave.
The surprising fact is that it has regular water supply from natural source inside the cave throughout the year.
The monks at this place run schools for the local students and you can get to see the scenic beauty of this wonderful place.
The river freezes in winter and it is a good idea to visit the place in summer.

Tosh Village Parvati Valley

The region is well known among foreign travelers since ages and you can see many of them roaming around the village.
The place is also well known for its trance parties and it is surprising to see such activities in a remote village of Himachal Pradesh.
You can choose to visit the village on a package tour and get proper travel insurance so that you will be able to enjoy the tour without any issues.

Malana Village

This village is not easily accessible and you will have to trek for some distance to reach this wonderful place in Himachal Pradesh.
They speak a unique language called Kanashi and they run their own local government.
The administration of the village is run on democratic idealogy and the local people have their own rules when it comes to settling disputes.
The region is also a popular hob for foreign tourists.

Gondal Gujarat

This small city in Gujarat is famous for its huge collection of vintage cars.
The royal family of this region had a huge collection that is preserved even to this day.
You can easily reach this place from Rajkot within an hour.
Using your travel insurance plan is a good idea when you are taking a holiday tour with your family.

Maravanthe Beach

The beautiful beach of Kundapur has white sand and you can get to see amazing visuals in this location.
The Arabian Sea merges with Sauparnika River and you can get to see them on both sides of the road when you are traveling through the NH17 road.
The place is also well known for boat rides and other sports activities.

Yaganti Kurnool

This amazing Shiva Temple is unique as the Lord is worshipped in the form of an idol instead of the usual shivlinga.
Other than that, you can visit the caves that are lit with diyas and offers wonderful visuals.
The pushkarini pond that is at the hill receives water throughout the year naturally which is a scientific wonder.
The best way to have a safe journey is to use travel insurance plans as they will come in handy whenever you need emergency assistance during your tour.

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