Thursday, 3 May 2018

Here Is Why You Should Buy International Insurance For Your Much Awaited International Trip

Traveling is fun but if you find yourself in crisis during the trip, it becomes a challenge in itself. Travel insurance is a way to safeguard your bookings and travel arrangements while providing you and your family with the necessary insurance cover. Often while making the travel bookings, we overlook the necessity of a travel insurance plan. This might save you some money at the time of bookings but can prove to be a pretty expensive mistake in the long run. A little careful planning can go a long way in ensuring that you remain stress-free during your trip. 

Top ten reasons why you should buy travel insurance for your international trip. 
The best international insurance plan would offer coverage for any kind of unexpected injury, illness or travel risks during your trip abroad. Even though you may be covered under an extensive health insurance plan, a travel insurance plan offers added benefits while you are traveling. These plans are designed to protect and assist the insured from unforeseen stress and financial burden arising due to unprecedented incidents while traveling away from home. 

1. Visa mandate: Well, most of the countries make it mandatory for you to be insured under international travel insurance, failing which the visa is not issued. This condition is in place to ensure that you have adequate coverage for medical expenses such as hospitalization and that you would be taken care of in case of an emergency.

2. Loss of baggage: Frequent travelers can attest to the fact that loss of baggage during international and especially connecting flights is much more common than you think. And it could take up to 5 days before you receive your luggage back. This means surviving in a foreign land without your belongings and making some unwanted expenses. The best international insurance plan would provide coverage for such expenses. 

3. Flight Cancellation or delay: On each trip, there are certain factors over which we have no control. Flight cancellation or delay is one such factor, which can have a huge impact on your travel arrangements. Delay of few hours for one flight could mean that you would miss your connecting flight and rebook another flight to reach your destination. Such last-minute bookings add a hefty amount to your bills, which could be avoided if you are insured under an international travel insurance plan. Also, many times airlines end up overbooking a flight and could even stop you from boarding the aircraft in such case. An international insurance plan is designed in such way to protect you from added expenses in such cases.

4. Medical Expenses: Medical emergencies never come knocking and your health insurance might not be enforceable outside your homeland. In such crisis, travel insurance comes to rescue. When you purchase the best international insurance plan according to your needs, make sure that it covers the essential medical costs such as X-rays, few days hospitalization, doctor’s charges etc. 

5. Loss of passport: A passport is the most important document while traveling abroad. It is not only your valid identity proof but without a passport you would not be allowed to travel back home, leaving you in a lurch. With international travel insurance, you are covered for such unfortunate incidents. The insurer assists you in filing for a duplicate passport and also expediting the process.

6. Trip Cancellation or Interruption: You never know when you might need to change your plans. Any emergency at home could result in you canceling or cutting short your trip. What if your flights are non-refundable and without a provision of rescheduling. This would mean losing the booking amount for both cases and in an event of an interruption, an added expense of fresh booking. With international insurance, you can rest assured that you would be protected against such unexpected expenses.

7. Personal Liability: Personal liability is the expenses incurred in case you injure someone or damage someone’s property. These events are covered under an international insurance plan and crucial when traveling with kids. Do keep in mind that if the damage is done under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it could be grounds for rejection of the claim. 

8. Accidental Death or disability: When you purchase the best international insurance plan, it provides cover in case of accidental death and disability. Under the plan, your beneficiary would be paid a lump sum amount as stipulated in the policy.  

9. Emergency evacuation: Certain emergencies require immediate evacuation or transfer. In an unfortunate event of a medical crisis, you might need the services of an air ambulance. Also, for instance, the country you are traveling to is struck by a natural disaster such as earthquake, wildfire, tornado, tsunami etc. or man-made disasters such as an airstrike, political collapse, terrorist or nuclear attack leaving you in the immediate need for evacuation. Such transport can end up being quite expensive. An expense against which you would be covered if you have the best international insurance plan. Such plans also cover the costs incurred in extreme cases where there is a need for repatriation of mortal remains to the primary residence.

10. Round the clock assistance: Facing difficulties or crisis while traveling is something every traveler wishes to avoid. If you are on foreign land and do not speak the local language, such events of distress can become even more harrowing. Always buy the best international insurance plan before you travel as the insurer provides you with an assistance number, which you can contact anytime, any day while traveling for any emergencies you might encounter.

Consider buying the best international insurance plan well ahead of your eventual departure date. This would give you time to better compare the best international insurance plan available online. Also, most of the policy providers run background checks and complete relevant formalities before the travel insurance cover comes into force, this can take up to 5 working days and maybe even more. Hence purchase the best international insurance plan that suits your needs and provides sufficient cover without breaking the bank before you leave for your international trip. 

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