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How secured are you with a domestic travel insurance policy?

Everyone wants to make their trip a happy one. Traveling is fun and no one wants to destroy their holidays just because of some uncertainties. That is why people prefer buying domestic travel insurance cover. Domestic travel insurance plans cover all the major risks involved in traveling like loss of baggage, loss of tickets, medical costs and more. You need not worry about the uncertainties while traveling in any part of your own country as there are travel insurance providers to help you out. If you are a person who travels a lot either for business or leisure then having a domestic travel insurance cover is a must for you.

It is important that you do a lot of research before buying any travel insurance plan. A lot of tools are available online that will help to compare various travel plans and also select the best one as per your affordability and requirement. Make sure that you do thorough research before selecting the best plan as it is wise to buy a plan without any research. You can also take the help of the intermediaries who will suggest you about some of the best plans. But do not depend completely on the agents as they might try to sell you a wrong policy in order to earn higher commissions. The domestic travel insurance plans keep you stress-free while traveling in any part of India.

The eligibility age for getting a travel insurance plan varies from plan to plan. Though generally, the eligibility age is between 18 – 65 years. Getting a claim settled is an easy process. You can get the claim settled through the online medium as well as offline medium by visiting the office of the insurance company. Some companies also settle the claim over the phone. So, travel insurance makes your trip tension free and lets you enjoy every bit of it without worrying about anything.

What are the risks that are covered by the travel insurance policy?

Cancellation of flights:

Insurance companies provide the claim for cancellation of flight and accommodation for which the policyholder has to provide a proof to the company. Flight cancellation is something very common. Sometimes flights get canceled because of the technical reasons or sometimes because due to the natural factors. Whatever may be the reason it is the traveler who suffers. And because your flight gets canceled; you will have to suffer the losses of hotel reservations too. Here the role of insurance company comes into the picture. The insurance company not only provides the claim for flight cancellation but also for hotel accommodation.

Loss of baggage:

When you leave your home for a trip; one of the most important things that you take with you is your luggage. You carry a lot of valuable and personal things in your luggage. This loss would surely make a huge hole in your pocket. Today, there are a lot of insurance companies who cover such type of losses and ensures the claim to the travelers who have lost their luggage somewhere in their own country. So, travel insurance providers reimburse the cost of your belongings.

Medical costs:

It is one of the major benefits of buying the domestic travel insurance cover. The insurance company covers all the medical treatment cost when you are traveling any part of your own country. The medical cost comprises of expenses of hospitalization, regular doctor visits, medical treatment for injuries, ambulance fee etc. Self-initiated harm and accident due to the intake of alcohol or drugs are the activities that are not covered under domestic travel insurance plans.

What are the benefits of buying domestic travel insurance plan?

Keeps you tension free:

Think of a situation that you are traveling for a vacation with your family and you lost your baggage. It would definitely surround you with a lot of worries. And if you get to know that there is someone who will bear your cost for just a nominal price then you would be more than happy. But for that, you will have to buy a domestic travel insurance cover. This is an important role that the travel insurance plans play in the life of travelers. Now travelers need not worry as they can travel in any part of India tension free.

Applicable in all the parts of India:

The domestic term insurance plans are applicable when you travel in any part of India. The insurance company ensures you a claim if you suffer any loss including loss of baggage, loss of tickets, medical treatment costs and more while traveling in India. The claim settlement process is also very simple. You can get your claim settled from anywhere in India. There are some companies who settle the claim over the phone.


These days domestic travel insurance has got a lot of importance as people are traveling a lot. They travel sometimes for business purpose or sometimes for spending a vacation. The domestic travel insurance plans cover all the major risks involved in the traveling. So if you are a person who has an indelible love for traveling then make sure that you have a travel insurance plan. Religare, TATA AIG, HDFC ERGO, Apollo Munich and Bajaj Allianz are some of the best travel insurance companies available in India. You can prefer these plans while buying domestic travel insurance plan.
One must do a lot of research work while buying travel insurance. It is not a thing that you can buy at the last moment without any research. Otherwise, you will end up buying a wrong plan that does not match your requirement. So, make sure that you do a lot of research while buying domestic travel insurance. Choose that plan which has a lot of benefits and is perfect as per your affordability and requirement. 

The domestic travel insurance plan is a complete protection for those who travel a lot within their country. Scroll up the page to check the risks covered by the travel insurance providers and benefits of buying travel plan.

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