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How to find the best deals on domestic travel insurance plans

There are a lot of risks involved in traveling. The insurance companies provide insurance cover to those who travel in their own country. Life is very uncertain; you can not predict what is going to happen next. If you are a person who travels a lot then you must take a domestic travel insurance plan. Such type of insurance plans lets you enjoy your holidays without any worry. The travel insurance plans cover a lot of risks like medical costs, loss of travel tickets, loss of baggage and more.

There is an eligibility age to buy domestic travel insurance online or offline. Generally all domestic insurance plans cater to the age group of 18 – 65 years and it varies from plan to plan. The benefits that are covered under the domestic travel insurance plans also differ from plan to plan. You should select a plan with lots of benefits. There are a lot of people who prefer a plan by its price. But selecting a plan just because it is cheap is really not a good idea. Look for a travel plan that has a lot of benefits for affordable premiums. Religare, TATA AIG, HDFC ERGO, Apollo Munich and Bajaj Allianz are some of the top travel insurance service providers in India.

We travel a lot, sometimes because of work while sometimes to spend some good time with the family. Travel is always fun but there is always an element of risk in life. Think of a situation that you are planning a vacation with your family and while traveling within your own country you lost your baggage. Definitely, you will call it a bad start to your holidays. But you do not need to worry now as insurance company provides cover for such type of losses. For this, you just need to pay affordable premiums to the insurance company.

Tips to find the best deals on domestic travel insurance plans:

·        Do a lot of research: Insurance plan is not a thing to purchase at the last moment. Before purchasing any plan you must do a lot of research work so that you can buy one of the best domestic travel insurance plans. You can take the help of the agents who can guide about some of the best deals. But we wise while taking advice from intermediaries as sometimes they try to missell the policies to earn the higher commissions. Do not forget to compare the benefits and features of various policies as it will help you to select the best plan. You can also refer to the information available on the online medium.

·        Prefer benefits over the cheap premiums: It is a very common practice that people end up buying a wrong policy just because it is cheap. But that should not be the case. You should check the benefits that are available in the plan over the cheap premiums. This is one of the best tips to get the best deals on domestic travel insurance plans. Check those policies which provide benefits for trip cancellation, medical emergencies and loss of baggage. You should check the brochure of the plan thoroughly before buying so that you can understand what benefits are available in the plan.

·        Check online presence: This is a digital world where all the information is available online. You can easily check the reviews on the online platform that will help you to buy domestic travel insurance online. The reviews show you the real picture of various plans and insurance companies, so nothing could be better than the online medium.

·        Refer to claim settlement ratio: Claim settlement ratio tells you about how many claims were settled by a particular insurance company against the claims raised by the policyholders. Before referring to the insurance plan of any company, you should check their claim settlement ratio. It will give you an idea of whether your claim will be settled by the company in future if something happens. If the claim settlement ratio of a company is good then you are good to go with the plan.

·        Take the help of customer support: In order to get the best deals on domestic travel insurance, you can take the help of customer care. They give fare advice and make it easy for you to understand the plan in a better way. They will also tell you about various special offers and discounts if available. They would not try to missell you as they do not get any commission to sell any policy. They are just like the helping hands for the customers.


Traveling is fun and contingencies in life come without a prior notice. No one wants to make their travel journey a bad one that’s why people take domestic travel insurance plans. Travel insurance plans cover a lot of risks like medical costs, loss of travel tickets, loss of baggage and more that people might suffer while traveling in any part of India.

It is not possible to buy domestic travel insurance online at the last moment. You need to do a lot of research for that. You must compare features and benefits of various travel insurance plans to select the best one. You can also take the help of agents or intermediaries who will advise you some of the best travel insurance plans available in the India market. If you are purchasing with the help of agents then be wise as agents sometimes try to sell wrong policies to the customers in order to earn higher commissions. That is why online is considered as the best medium when it comes to compare and understand various plans from different insurance companies in the market. Though, you can also make a call to customer care that will help you to understand the policies in a better way. Make sure that you do a lot of research and comparison before you buy domestic travel insurance online.

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