Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Going for work trip? Stay secured with a corporate travel insurance policy

Travelling is always one of the best experience in life even if it is a business trip because you will not be working every moment on the trip. Your purpose while going on a business trip might be different from other trip like family trip or a solo one, but safety is the one thing in common that is of utmost importance when it comes to travelling. So, just like any trip you have to be extra careful for your safety because you are away from home and an immediate help at disposal is not quite possible. Moreover, myths like what can happen on a happy trip or it will be safe as long as it is not an adventure trip should be highly avoided to add to your safety. There is one way that might not ensure your safety but will surely take care of immediate help and coverage while you are on your trip. Yes, we are talking about the travel insurance and that too Corporate travel insurance policies to be precise. We know that corporate travel insurance is nothing new but that does not mean it is not effective, furthermore, we are discussing it today because many of us tend to overlook the importance of travel insurance and see it as an extra expenditure (just a quick tip, try and buy online travel insurance to save some bucks). Therefore, we thought it is better to take up this topic and spread awareness amongst people about the importance of corporate travel insurance plans. So, let’s get started.

What is corporate Travel insurance?

Before we proceed any further, let us first define the term corporate trip. 

Corporate travel is defined as the trips that are done for the purpose of business which can include meetings, conference, placing large orders, product launch and other similar work stuff.

Now coming to corporate travel insurance, it might be now pretty obvious to define i.e. a travel insurance plan for those who have people employed by them and those employees are required to travel a lot for business purpose be it internationally or domestic. And to make it more clear corporate travel insurance is also sometimes described as business travel insurance plans.

Benefits of Corporate Travel Insurance plans

1. Injuries, Medical help and emergency evacuation

You never know when you will fall ill or predicting an accident is near impossible. The effect is intensified when you are on a trip because you have no time to waste. Travel insurance provides immediate help to you by providing hospitalization services and other medical help.

In case your condition is severe and the nearby hospital is not capable to provide you right treatment, then evacuation to the nearest specialty hospital is also covered.

In case of death emergency evacuation of the body to the home town is covered and if that is not possible, then cremation at the nearby vicinity is covered.

2. Flight cancellation, delay and alternate transport cover

Time is of more importance in case of corporate travel, therefore, in case if your flight or train is delayed then alternate mode of transportation is provided by the insurer. Alternate mode can be switching to a different flight or providing another vehicle if that is an option.

Not only this, if flight cancellation takes place, then the loss is not upon you as your corporate travel insurance plan has you covered in these terms too. 

3. Theft coverage for passport and other documents

Movies have played a nice role in awakening people about the importance of passport when you travel abroad. Your travel insurance plan provides coverage benefits for passport theft or loss and for other relevant documents too.

4. Cover for loss of baggage and cash

Other loss coverage facilities include coverage for lost baggage or delayed baggage and coverage for theft of cash with services like emergency cash transfer.

5. Miscellaneous

Each plan offers some exclusive services that makes it more attractive than the competition. Some of those services include 24X7 customer support, travel and legal assistance, vehicle insurance if you are going by your own vehicle and more.

Not all the plan will provide you with all the extra facilities and therefore you have to compare multiple plans to see what fits you. We would advise you to buy online travel insurance because you will get cheaper deals online.

How to buy Corporate Travel Insurance?

It is not a rocket science when it comes to buying a corporate travel insurance plan but we are not saying that it is child’s play either. you should first put together all your needs and then start shortlisting suitable plans on the basis of most basic needs that are common in all the plans, then you can finalize your choice on the basis of extra benefits each plan offers.

You can buy a corporate travel plan in two ways i.e. either directly from the insurance agent in the market or you can buy online travel insurance. In our opinion, if you try and buy online travel insurance, you will be able to save some amount because of non-involvement of intermediary people and thus you and insurer are the only two people involved in the deal.


All in all, our objective with this article was to spread awareness regarding the importance of travel insurance and this time we did it by taking up the Corporate travel insurance plans. We might have focused our attention more towards the corporate travel insurance for the most part but the benefits offered are similar for any travel insurance. Corporate travel insurance is not very different from other travel insurance and it all boils down to the difference being in the way we buy it i.e. individual plan for solo travelers, family plan for family and business/corporate plans for business trips. Therefore, we hope that we were successful in spreading awareness regarding the importance of corporate travel insurance plans and let’s wish that you are now convinced in the favor of them.

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