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Travelling with your family? Checkout the benefits of family travel insurance policy

Travelling with family is one of the best experience because this is the time that you get to spend time with your family away from home at some beautiful destination. It leaves you with some cherishable memories for your whole life. Family is the one group that is always on top of anyone’s priority list when it comes to traveling in a group and everyone makes a lot of plans while going on a vacation with family to make it more and more enjoyable. Family travel plan includes a lot of things like finalizing a destination, booking flights and resorts and a lot of shopping. But, what about the unforeseen emergencies. Most of us easily overlook the importance of travel insurance while travelling. I don’t understand why but most of us ignore this crucial step and put at risk the safety of our family. 

Today we are going to discuss about the benefits of a family travel insurance plan. Not only this we will first explain family travel insurance policies while also clearing the fog from some of the common myths. We really want you to understand the importance of buying a family travel insurance policy while travelling with family.

What is Family travel insurance policy?

Family travel insurance plan is not very different from a simple travel insurance plan for individuals rather it is similar to latter but the protection and benefits are extended for more number of members instead of only one.

It might sound strange but we need to define the term family before going further. Family as most of travel insurance companies define includes two adults (obviously husband and wife) and upto four children under the age of 18 years living with the parents and in this case travelling with them. Adopted and step children are usually included too.

Common Myths regarding Travel insurance

1. What possibly could go wrong on a trip?
One of the most common myth that prevails amongst us regarding travel insurance is why to waste money on an insurance when there is nothing that could possibly go wrong. But it is the most overestimated claim one can make. How can you be so sure that no emergency will arrive during your travel? Emergencies are just like opportunities; they also don’t knock the doors before coming. One can only be prepared for the worst and family travel insurance policy is probably the best way in case of your holiday. 

2. Health insurance is enough. Why a travel insurance?
NO, your health insurance plan and a family travel insurance plan are two different things. Your health insurance policy does not cover for the evacuation charges and some don’t work across the country boundaries. Besides this, your health insurance sum assure might not be enough to provide cover for medical expenses overboard due to different currency rates.

3. Claim process will be very difficult and why spend extra?
First of all, if you think that travel insurance is an extra expense then correct yourself because it is a necessity and not a choice. Moreover, online travel insurance plans tend to be cheaper because of non-involvement of intermediaries, so go for this instead.

Secondly, the claim process is not at all a hassle rather travel insurance plans are made to take the load off the shoulders of travelers so that they can enjoy more. Here also online travel insurance plans tend to have smoother claim process because of greater transparency.

4. Only adventure trip requires travel insurance
This myth is more or less similar to the first one and similarly popular. Yeah, probability of occurrence of an emergency on an adventure trip is high but that doesn’t mean that the chances of these situation reduces to zero on a non-adventure trip plus being on roads is no less than an adventure in India.

Benefits of Family travel insurance policy

We have put together some simple and straight forward advantages of travel insurance plans below. Take a look them:

1. Time plays the most crucial role in case of medical emergency especially overseas therefore, your travel insurance plan always be at an immediate help when you need it. 
2. 24X7 coverage for medical evacuation to the nearest hospital is provided and if that place does not have apt services required for the treatment, then evacuation to the nearest specialty hospital is also covered. But the hospitalization charges and other medical services comes under your health insurance.
3. In case you get injured on your travel and you are no longer able to work for some time atleast, then loss of income benefit is provided for a set period of time.
4. You are covered for reimbursement for the expenses bearded for replacement of passport, travelers cheques and other documents. Even cash theft is also covered.
5. When travelling by air, luggage responsibility is a big tension and to take this worry off from your shoulders, your travel insurance plan provides you cover in case you need to buy extra clothes if your luggage is delayed.
6. Accidental death coverage is also provided which means that in case of death within a period of 12 months of trip due to an injury incurred while travelling, a death cover is paid by the insurer.
7. It might be irrelevant but we would like to advise you in going for the online travel insurance plan because the process of buying is convenient and you can get cheaper deal. Moreover, online travel insurance plans are available in abundance offering you a wider choice.
8. Coverage for additional accommodation due to sickness or other possible reasons is also provided.
9. In case of delayed flights, expenses for additional stay and food are eligible for reimbursement.
10. Some plans even offer housekeeping services in case of incurring injuries during travel for a set period of time.


In the end, it will be good if you consider these 10 benefits for choosing between different travel insurance plan but you should definitely consider buying one when you travel with your family. Nothing matters more than the safety of your family and buying a Family travel insurance plan is just a small step in the right direction. We hope that we somehow convinced you of the importance of family travel insurance plan in case you were not in favor of it previously. 

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