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Things to know before you buy domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance plans cover the risks that occur within the domestic country. The risks that are generally covered by domestic travel insurance plans are the loss of baggage, medical cost, loss of tickets and personal liability. Some of the top travel insurance service providers in India are Religare, HDFC ERGO, Apollo Munich, TATA AIG and Bajaj Allianz.

The travel insurance plan generally caters to the age group of 18 - 65 years and varies from plan to plan. Buying a domestic travel insurance plan is a necessity for those who travel a lot as life is surrounded by a lot of risks and uncertainties. One must make this investment wisely after considering various factors. It is important to compare domestic travel insurance online so that you can buy one of the best domestic travel plans available in the market. Adventurous activities, criminal activities, self-initiated harm, accident due to the intake of alcohol or drugs are not covered under domestic term insurance plans.

It is very easy to get the claim from the insurance company. You can make the claim via online or offline medium by visiting the office of the insurance company. Some insurance companies can also settle the claim over the phone.

Some of the things that one must know before buying domestic travel insurance plans are:

Ensure that plan should cover all the major risks: It is important that one buy travel insurance plan after a lot of considerations. You should check that the plan you are buying has all the benefits that are important to you. Otherwise, having a travel plan without any highly beneficial benefit would be like wastage. So be wise while buying the travel plan and make sure that your plan has all the important benefits one requires while traveling within the country.

Do a thorough research: You can not plan to buy travel insurance at the last moment. For buying the best travel plan, one needs to do a lot of research work. You will have to compare the features and benefits of various travel insurance plans from different insurance companies in order to select the best one. You can compare domestic travel insurance online. There are a lot of tools available online that will help you to select the plan as per your requirement or need. You can also take the help of intermediaries who can advise you some of the top domestic travel insurance plans available in the Indian market. But do not depend fully on the agents as they try to sell the wrong policies sometimes in order to earn higher commissions. Research plays an important role when it comes to buying any travel insurance plan.

Look for benefits, not for the price: People generally buy those travel insurance plans that are cheap. But it is not a good idea to buy the plans just because they are cheap. The first thing that one should find in the travel insurance plans is the number of benefits available. The plan which has a lot of benefits for the affordable price is the best plan.

Check claim settlement ratio: Before buying travel insurance plan from any company, you should go through their claim settlement ratio. Claim settlement ratio gives a clear picture of how many claims were settled by the insurance company in the past against the claims raised by the policyholders. It will give you an idea that your claim will be settled in the future if any risk occurs. Claim settlement ratio is a major important factor that helps you in buying domestic travel insurance.

Know about the claim settlement process: Though the claim settlement process is quite easy these days as you can get your claim settled via online medium as well as offline medium by visiting the office of the insurer. But you must check the whole process of claim settlement before buying any plan. Knowing the process will help you to get the claim on time without any worry or tension. Make sure that you have the knowledge about all the travel documents required to get your claim settled. All of this information will help you to win the situation.

Check the reputation of the company:

Before buying travel insurance from any company, you should refer to their reputation. The reputation of the company helps you to understand the position of the company in the market. It will tell you that your money is in the right hands or not. Before buying travel insurance from any insurance company, you should adhere to their bankruptcy status, reputation and goodwill. The reputation of various insurance companies in the Indian market will help you to compare domestic travel insurance online.


Domestic travel plan lets you travel in your own country freely and without any tension. Insurance companies cover various types of risks like medical costs, loss of travel tickets, loss of baggage and more to make your travel journey a good one. You can take the help of customer care if you find any difficulty in understanding any of the domestic travel insurance plans. Now, you need not worry while traveling in your own country as there are a lot of insurance companies who cover all major types of risks involved in traveling.

It is important to compare domestic travel insurance online before buying any travel plan. You must buy a travel plan after doing a lot of research plan. You end up buying a wrong plan when you buy it without giving a second thought or in hurry. So, it is important that you sit in silence and make a comparison in various plans of different insurance companies available in the Indian market. It would help you to come up with one of the best travel insurance plans. Consider all the important factors before buying any domestic travel plan.

If you are a person who travels a lot in India for work or leisure then you must check all the above-mentioned tips that one must know before buying domestic travel insurance.

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