Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Best Group Travel Insurance Plans in India: Now retain your employee with ease

If you are running a business, it becomes very important to secure your team members when you are sending them out for work. Many companies send their executives to various places for marketing and other activities. If they encounter any issues during the tour, you will have to make all the arrangements and ensure their safety. This can cost you lots of money and you will benefit a lot when you have the best travel insurance for your team. However, the advantage of having many team members is that you need not have to buy insurance plans for every member. Instead of that, you can choose the group travel insurance plan that offers complete coverage for all the members under one policy. The sum assured coverage amount can be used by any person in the team and this will also save you lots of money in the long run. In this way, even your employees will feel secured while they are traveling as they will be covered for any emergency medical expenses during the tour. This will also save your company lots of money as you need not have to provide for their emergency treatment. Apart from that, you will also get coverage for lost baggage and delay of flights. When you consider all these benefits, you will realize that having group coverage is the best option when you are traveling with your team.

Apollo Munich Group Travel Coverage

The company offers good coverage for all your team members and you can travel without any worries with such plans.
Visit the official portal of the company and check the latest options available with regards to group travel insurance.
You can even get more information when you call the customer care team and they will assist you to select the best plan along with the required sum assured plan.
In this way, you can get to choose the suitable plan that will meet the specific travel requirements of your team members.
The coverage is offered for both domestic as well as international travel and you can choose any option of your choice.
There is no need for any paperwork and most of the process can be completed online by providing relevant details about your company and team members.
You can get coverage in one policy and get relevant cards for every member in your team.

HDFC Ergo Group Travel Coverage

The company is well known in the insurance market for its amazing products and you can easily choose group travel insurance from this service provider.
They offer coverage in various parts of the world and you can check the entire list by visiting the official portal of the service provider.
You can even enquire about your destination being covered by the policy by calling the customer care team.
Apart from that, you can even get online quotes and get complete details about the policy. This will help you to know the details and you can choose the relevant options for your travel plans.
All your team members need to travel on the same day and also return back on the same day to get proper coverage from the plan.
In the same manner, you should also mention the correct details with regards to the age of the team members.
The premium amount charged will depend on the average age of your team members and it will go high as the average age goes high.
It is very inexpensive to choose such plans when compared to getting individual coverage as you can get to save nearly 20% on the premium amount.

ICICI Lombard Group Travel Coverage

You can now give a secured feeling to your employees when you take the group travel insurance plans for their tour.
This is your responsibility to provide sufficient insurance for the team members when they are traveling for work related activities.
There is no need to get policies individually for each one of them when you select the group coverage.
This is cheaper than the individual plans and you will feel comfortable when you have such protection for your team members.
The coverage is given to loss of baggage along with important documents.
Most importantly, you will get coverage for emergency medical requirements and this is a huge advantage when you are traveling in a foreign country.
There is no need panic when someone in your team meets with an accident or needs emergency medical treatment for other issues.
You can easily avail cashless treatment across various network hospitals and this is a huge advantage of having travel insurance coverage.
You will get to save lots of money in this manner.

Bajaj Allianz Group Travel Coverage

You can safely send your team members for official work to different cities and countries when you secure them with group travel insurance plans.
This offers best coverage for all the hazards you face during travel and you will be able to save lots of money by having such plans.
You can claim compensation when the flight is delayed for more than few hours and this will be a huge advantage as you can make alternate arrangements for travel to meet your business commitments.
In the same way, when you need emergency hospitalization in a foreign country, you can use your group insurance coverage for any member in your team and provide the required medical care without paying any money from your pocket.
This will reduce your financial burden by a huge margin and save money for your company in the long run.

Religare Group Travel Coverage

Getting group travel insurance from reputed companies is the best way to secure the health of your team members during official tour.
All you need to do in this case is to mention the age of your team members and get the suitable policy in the name of your company.
Also clearly mention the travel plans and provide accurate information about your destination and flights.
In this way, you can get coverage for flight delays and cancellation along with lost baggage and passport.
Apart from that, you can also get emergency medical assistance during an accident situation and this will be very handy when you are traveling for work out of country.

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